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If you're a Software Developer or Engineer, you know what your job entails. Your job is to create computer programs. You may be responsible for developing office applications, video games, or a wide variety of other programs. You might focus on making programs that make it possible for people to accomplish certain tasks, or you might work on system apps that determine computer and network functions.

Either way, you probably spend most of your day typing thousands upon thousands of lines of code.
OK. But the question now is, how do you translate that information onto a resume in such a way as to motivate a hiring official into picking up the phone? If you're not sure, that's OK. Most people aren't used to thinking about their jobs in a promotional sense. But a good resume writer? Well, that's what they do.

Former recruiter David Alan Carter recommends the following resume services for Software Developers... each with a Better Business Bureau score of "A" or better.

Recommended Resume Services for a Software Developer Resume

Considering a Career Move into Software Development?

If you're considering a move into software development or engineering from either a closely related field or from a totally unrelated profession, you'll be looking for a transitional resume -- and a talented resume writer to handle the assignment. Transitional resumes are some of the most difficult resume projects as they require a writer knowledgeable in at least two professions -- and the ability to identify transferable skills from one to the other.

Before you hand off that resume assignment, make sure you know enough about the job of a Software Developer or Engineer to... a) really want it, and b) be able to step up to the plate. Here's a quick overview (more information at Wikipedia - Software Developer):

What You'll Do: The job entails: doing research to determine consumer needs, outlining the creation of a program, designing outlines and models so that other programmers know what to work on, designing software one major piece at a time, putting all the pieces together and testing the software to see if it works, troubleshooting the software and making edits to the code, recording all the important details of the creation process so that future modifications can be made easily, working with other programmers on their projects, and more.

Creating computer programs is a very complex job that requires a lot of trial-and-error. As mentioned above, you'll probably spend most of your day typing thousands upon thousands of lines of code--a language that determines a program's response to user input. While you'll likely work in a comfortable office environment, you'll spend most of your day sitting in front of a computer screen with little physical activity. A typical work week is at least 40 hours long, but it could last more than 60 hours and include nights and weekends when due dates are nearing.

Education and Training: Software developers need at least a bachelor's degree in computer science, software engineering, mathematics, or a related field to get hired. Most employers prefer candidates who have very strong programming skills. This means being familiar with several programming languages and having advanced knowledge of at least one. Having a master's degree in software engineering will make you a much more attractive applicant if it isn't already required by the employer.

What Else is Needed: Software developers should possess creativity to conceptualize and design programs, good problem-solving to troubleshoot programs, attention to detail to make sure that every line of code is accurate, communication skills to effectively collaborate with other programmers and designers, and the technical skills to use computers to do the work.

The Future: The Software Development profession is expected to grow at about 30% through 2020. That's much faster than the average for all occupations.

The Pay: Annual salaries for Software Developers in the U.S. range from $54,300 to $133,100, with the average median annual wage hitting $96,600 in 2011 as per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Still interested in pursuing a position in software development? Great. The next step is to prepare for a consultative telephone interview with your resume writer. Treat the coming job search like the business it is, and you'll do fine.

Best of luck,
David Alan Carter, OccupationalResumes.com

P.S. More information at the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics - Software Developers and ONetOnline.org - Summary Report for Software Developers

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